History of Attila and the Huns

Thompson E. A.
A History of Attila and the Huns. Pp. xii+228. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1948. Cloth, 15s. net.

This is the authoritative English work on the subject. It was reprinted in 1999 as The Huns in the Peoples of Europe series (ISBN 0-631-21443-7). Thompson did not enter controversies over Hunnic origins and considers that Attila's victories were achieved only when there was no concerted opposition.

Hardcover: 228 pages
Publishers: Clarendon Press (1948); Greenwood Press; New ed of 1948 ed edition (April 1976)
ISBN-10: 0837176409
ISBN-13: 978-0837176406




The political and military history of the Huns before Attila
Hun society before Attila
The victories of Attila
Peace on the Danube frontier
The defeats of Attila and the collapse of his empire
Hun society under Attila
Roman foreign policy and the Huns
Appendix A. The songs of the Huns
Appendix B. The causes of the War of 441
Appendix C. Valips
Appendix D. The campaign of 441-3
Appendix E. Chronological note on the years 449-50
Appendix F. The site of Attila's headquarters
Appendix G. The alleged Gothic names of the Huns