Moral Code of Suvars — Forefathers’ Blessing

Агеев В. И. Памятник суварскому народному герою Чемень. 2002 г. Б., тушь, 42х36.

The Moral Code of Suvars was unanimously adopted as a basic document at the workshop conference held in The Chuvash State Institute of Humanities on 25 November, 2011. The conference was attended by 85 representatives from the Chuvash Republic, the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Republic of Tatarstan, Ulyanovsk Oblast and Samara Oblast.

  1. Honour the God, the world which He has created, the forefathers who have gone to the Otherworld.
  2. Don’t let your family die out. Help your family and nation multiply from one generation to another. Preserve your parents' home and keep it in proper order.
  3. Adhere to the traditions of our ancestors. Don’t accept the other peoples’ traditions. Whenever possible, wear the national dress.
  4. Keep our faith and close-to-it Zoroastrian faith: good thoughts, good words and good deeds will bring a good world.
  5. First of all use the Bulgar-Suvar native language. When at home, in the native land, speak, write and sing your mother tongue as the Forefathers’ Blessing comes to us only through it. «The Forefathers’ Blessing works for a thousand of years. If you have none — then you’ll have only three years of life.» — These are the words the Suvars used to say.
  6. Abstain from excessive drinking and smoking. Don’t lose your dignity, attempt to leave off your vicious habits.
  7. Take care of your health. Your health is the well-being and power of the family.
  8. Love and respect your parents, your wife (or husband) and your children. Father and Mother are your God. Your children are your future.
  9. Be strong in spirit. Avoid being overwhelmed by bitterness.
  10. Escape greed and envy, for these senses make us dependent and weak, limit our perception of the world. The Suvar is free in mind and spirit, in harmony with himself and the environment.
  11. Always offer help to your mate when he’s in trouble because we all share great grandfathers and great grandmothers.
  12. Save the Nature. Be in harmony with it. Remember that you are a part of the Nature.

The Moral Code of Suvars calls us to be decent. Then the Forefathers’ Blessing will come to us and our children and the forefathers will show us the right way of life. Our Forfathers used to give blessing to their successors. The blessing gave hope to them that when they are reborn in several generations, the blessing will come back to them and the family will live forever.

Source: Алмантай (Иванов) В. Н. Суваро-булгарская культура. Философия символов монет и украшений. — Чебоксары, 2012. — С. 86.