UNESCO Red Book on Endangered Languages: Chuvash

UNESCO Red Book on Endangered Languages: Chuvash

SourceUNESCO Red Book on Endangered Languages: Europe // Tapani Salminen



1. Variant (s):

2. Geographical location: the Russian Federation: Chuvash Republic, extending to Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, and Samara, Simbirsk, and Saratov provinces

3. Relationships: /Turkic

4. Present state of the language: ENDANGERED

(a) children speakers: some children learn the language, but only few of them are likely to become active users

(b) mean age of youngest speakers:

(c) distribution by sex:

(d) total number of speakers, members of the ethnic group: 1,408,218 speakers in the 1989 Soviet census

(e) degree of speakers' competence: generally fully competent

5. Sources:

(i) information (about the language) : John R. Krueger: Chuvash Manual. Bloomington & The Hague 1961.

(ii) published and unpublished material (of the language) : a lot

(iii) competent scholar (s) and institution (s) : L. P. Sergeev

6. Remarks:

7. Compiler: Tapani Salminen, Helsinki, 31 Dec 1993